Bakery, Bar & Cucina

Molino was born from a simple idea: to follow the city that wakes up, that lives, that runs, that loves, until sunset, when the lights go down, the days turn to an end and you relax … until the next dawn.

This is why Molino is not just a Bakery.
Molino is not just a bar.
Molino is not just a restaurant.
But it is something more.

Molino is the place where you can feel at home. It’s the place where you can feel foreigner. It’s the place to feel good.

Because the beauty of Molino is not food, it is not the location, it is not the atmosphere.

The beauty of Molino is YOU.

To feel good? MOLINO.


For us leavening is a great passion. Here you can find fresh bread every day, made with the best Italian grains. At the entrance you will be welcomed by our rich sweet and salty offer where you will find a varied offer of pizza and a rich selection of desserts


Respecting the Italian tradition, the bar is the place that marks our days, for an espresso consumed in a hurry, for a juice or for an aperitif at the end of the day, the bar is a good opportunity to leave the house and take a break from the routine of the day and dedicate yourself a moment of pleasure, alone, or in good company.


Open for lunch and dinner, Molino’s cuisine meets the needs of those who want to taste traditional Roman dishes without giving up gastronomic experimentation and the quality of ingredients. Pizzas, meatballs, hamburgers, pasta … discover which soul of our kitchen is best for you.

Our menu